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Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Maybe the fact that the wedding photography has not changed much as the idea of a wedding is also a old concept. People still hold it in traditional fashion and while some people actually do new things, the most feel a classic sepia tone shot says it all in class and style.

Reminds me of my marriage and the pictures of my wife. Ah ... those times were great ....

It seems that, in today's age of digital photography, Photoshop, the GIMP, webcams, JPEG files, and online visual content, the good old tried-and-true emulsified silver halide just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Yes, we still see APS cameras, 35mm SLRs, disposable cameras, and other film-based items, but it seems that more and more people are turning away from the chemicals and organic dyes and moving to image sensors and inkjet printers. Despite that, there is still a certain nostalgia, if not romance, in the art of film photography, particularly from the old good days.

Classic pictures, I love it. Weddings have always been special and always will, but these styles from the past are too cool. As a Hawaii wedding planner I'm not sure that I can take any ideas from it, but it's fun just the same.

I concur on the certificates, not a lot of creativity recently.

Very interesting hub, Wedding gowns to me are one of the most ambitious undertakings because you want everything to be so perfect. But How beautiful when they are done. I love to sew but I haven't done anything by way of wedding dresses. Lovely photos.

Love the old wedding photos! It would be interesting to know who the photographers were. I'd like to see a photo with someone actually getting married in the Christo design.

I really enjoy historical wedding photos in the eras above. John I agree the "basic shots" are still there. It's only the advancements in the camera technology that has changed the most. Check out that marriage certificate artwork, amazing the detail. Thank you for this Blog site.

For many years I work in copy and restore of old photos. Some are preserved better than others. I love Maud Ramsdale Beal's wedding portrait. Such a stunning dress and vial.

Compare the way the photographer places the vial to Nancy Dougla Brush's pose. It is much more faltering.

I completely agree with Kelly! Christo's dress really does look like a parachute... I suppose it would certainly create an impression.

Vintage weddings look fantastic and even more so when the wedding takes on that particular theme and matched with the groom's suit. Christo's dress could represent many different ideas on marriage and brides including 'baggage' entering a marriage, the weight of expectation, and even the 'strings' pulling the puppet in some circumstances. Great representation and thought provoking.

If brides in those days had the gown preservation techniques we have today, those dresses would still be wearable for a wedding. We look at those fashions and snicker, but today's brides should preserve their gown and their pictures. If nothing else vintage gowns like that are now worth a fortune.

It's cool how the holy matrimony certificate looks like in 1889. It really looks classic. I also like the wedding pictures. The last picture looks weird but nevertheless, these pictures amazed me. Thumbs up! What if we adapt that today? It really looks cool and vintage. :)

In being a professional wedding photographer, and a lover of history, it intrigues me to see history well preserved in photos. I bet the dresses weighed 50 lbs. back then! Everyone needs their story told by photography to keep this beautiful history going!

Wow, those were the days...the bridal gowns are so simple and unique. I really love old photos collection.

Thank you so much for sharing.

I remember when my sister got married last year and she wore traditional dress with so much gadget around it and one of it looks so heavy almost like a shackle on her ankle. I still have her picture in my folder somewhere.

Wow, what great classic shots! As an admin of a Wedding Photography Association and Directory, I am viewing wedding photos on a daily basis, they almost all start to look similar. Its amazing how far along technology has come to improve the art, but I notice that the poses are still similar. Also do you notice in the older photos most people don't smile!? I wonder why?

Excellent pictures! I just searched for my grandma' pictures and they look great. Simple and clean.

Great article with vintage photography,thanks for sharing it with us.

The marriage certificate is a thing of beauty and the Christos dress design is unique. As for the wedding photos, they are classic poses that are still done today. I do believe the dresses in the photos are a little more over the top than todays but that is my opinion.

Whoa! i think it's a 50's picture..am i right? seriously..it's really to see a vintage pictures like this..

I enjoyed looking at these old photographs of classic wedding dresses. I especially like the dress worn by Maud Ramsdell Beal. I am still trying to figure out Christo's wedding dress.

Gorgeous Dresses!!

what a tease! who is getting married?

i love the christo entry.

I loved looking at all your photographs! While I think it is amazing how far we have come in wedding style and attire, I can't help but feel a sense of charm, hope, and innocence when I see the old wedding pictures. My favorite dress is in your second picture posted. It is so classic! I agree that the last photo seems to be about baggage and how in a marriage you have a lot more "weight" to carry. It is a blessing at times and it can also be a heavy burden, but we do it for many reasons, but mostly because we love the one we are with.

Wow, these photos look amazing. Vintage styles are always so appealing and it's funny how nowadays everything goes and these styles seems to pop up now and again.

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