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Monday, March 01, 2010


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This reminds me of when I was still a kid! I used to love playing with my older brothers!

The painted bodies of fans!? There is some great art on the goalies helmets as well! Cool post by the way.

Nice post here. It does make senses, appreciate for sharing.

That's a really cool article. I never knew that about NETCO.

the real art of hockey you can see in the NHL All-Star game!!!

I love watching hockey and i cant help it to yell specially when my favorite player is bitten.Hockey games are very awesome.

Funny how art can infiltrate something as cut throat and self promoting as "business" and "infect" it with culture...now that is what I call turning the tables indeed.

I love the NE Thing jerseys!

I love hockey.It's a great sport with passionate fans and the players themselves are outstanding athletes.

Hockey much like the Maple leaf is Canada, a sport that can at times be violent yet graceful in its movements. Not only limited to athletes it is also a sport that can be played and enjoyed by both male and females of the everyday average kind.

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