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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


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Digitization is most definitely the key to preserving media. I like the idea of digitizing it not only in the form of digital audio, but also digital photos or scans, by physically scanning the original items and packing, etc, as mentioned. Digital audio and facial hair, lol, what an odd but intriguing mix!

On last note - obviously it's important that digitization be done as soon as possible, before further breakdown of the media occurs, result in a further loss of data or quality, but far too many people but this on their "to do list", and then put it off until it's too late, so it's great to see someone taking action here! I've spent hours and hours converting analog home video to digital formats, and it's quite tedious, but I knew that if I didn't do it soon, my family footage would be lost forever. I like to archive all of my digital media on both optical media discs, as well as a a RAID HDD system (so the only way the data could be lost, would be if both HDDs failed at the same time, and I used different brand HDDs for this, so that's highly unlikely), while storing the discs in a separate location than the HDD system.
Thanks for the great post, hopefully more people will take action after reading this, and digitize the value media, be it audio or video, before it's too late!

The model you have shown here is looks really beautiful and stunning in terms of arts.

I am crazy collector of this kind of things

Thanks for post and appreciate your work hard

Great Article thanks for sharing

I'm so glad you are taking the time and effort to perserve these valuable peices of history. I have audio tape of my great-grandmother sharing her stories that I worry about degradation and really need to get converted to digital. Unfortunately part of the challenges of technology is that it eventually becomes out of date and inaccessible. But these stories and oral historys need to be perserved for our children and others. Thank you for the work you do.

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