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Sunday, June 20, 2010


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Very cool. I'd love to see where Henry Ossawa Tanner's studio was in Paris. Do you have the building number? That "Tanner's Studio" link isn't working.

Works great, he certainly did not think that the result will be very influential in the development of the next map. thanks for sharing. :)

Great and useful information. I wasnt really aware of all this until I found this link to your page in Google. Great job

Must have been amazing to have been an artist in a time where you could meet famous painters and other artists especially being in Paris

Romare Bearden's life was full of movement. I would love to be in this Romantic place if only I'll have a chance. It's nice to know that they are now introducing map for tourist to explore this place.

great post, always really liked paris and the images it provoked

I love the map! It reminds me of the rendition of New York City by the New Yorker.

Interesting article. I'm a big fan of Bearden (especially his collage work) and it was great to learn something new about his time in Paris.

Very detailed article! I love the map. It is a very useful. Thank you for sharing it with us....

It's always nice to read history of the early days of these wonderful person.

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