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Monday, October 25, 2010


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Im looking for a halloween costume guide that is something scarry but very unusual that covers my face..When i saw your post i rather change my theme,how about wearing a funny or crazy costume..I can call it crazy halloween.LOL

Great post, your Tim Gunn reference made me laugh! I wonder where I can get a horse and buggy on short notice...

I think the Arabian Prince is just an amazing piece of art.

Interesting site I love to look at old pictures particularly fashion related some of the old styles are so romantic,unfortunately not so practicable in our world today.

I like old pictures.
Interested story.
thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your vintage pictures. The Arabian Prince is my favorite, the costume can be easily duplicated by using plenty of fabric and beads.

The crazy costume dance is my favourite ( not just because it was first ) but Marsden Hartley as an Arabian is a pretty cool photo. My boys dressed up as goblins for Halloween :-)

Gertrude was the daughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt and she married the son of a Standard Oil magnate. Tough life.

What a beautiful invitation, the design and text look so elegant. I wish more adverts were printed like this.

This is amazing piece of vintage pictures! This reminds how romantic is the old times.

Good history, I think this will still change from time to time. Everyone loves Halloween because here we can gather with family and friends.

Nice... bringing back the old school Halloween costumes, thumbs up.

Isn't it how amazing the old costume are handmade with such details and much more complex than modern days clothing. Thanks for sharing the story and the photos with us.

I like bringing back the old school Halloween costumes!

Wow, years ago, people were really creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. Nowadays, Halloween costumes are nothing more than dressing up as a movie or comic character. Total lack of imagination!

Wow really cool pics. I can't believe that is what people used to wear when they are hitting the dance floor.

I was researching information across the net for ideas on an Arabian Prince.

Although the picture is in black & white, I can still make out the intricate details, and will help with the information I need for my costume arrangements.

I always appreciate the Halloween for great designs. The people get lots of fun in Halloweens by wearing the different costumes. Thanks for sharing about all this.

My favorite is the Loy with the cowboy outfit... that's the way to stay young!

painter Jackson Pollock harkens yet another time and place: the Wild West. To become a lonesome cowboy, you’ll need a cowboy hat and boots, toy rifle, and rugged swagger.nice photo..:)

Now some of these costumes might be hard to create out of dress up clothes you can find at Goodwill or somewhere. The Gunslinger might be possible costume for me, but the rest, I don't think I could make a costume like any of them with out a lot of luck.

Very nice post on this site.

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney would be a fabulous choice. So classy and stylish. Looks like she did a bit of waist training as well.

As a big fan of western movies I really like the "The Gunslinger". It looks really amazing and the details are great. Nothing like the wild west right!

Very nice article about old style Halloween costumes.
I am looking for good info for Halloween season.

Thank you very much!

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