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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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I follow you constantly. This kind of hope that you continue to the shares. good luck.

The notebooks are ancient. I pretty much frequent exhibitions and this is really interesting.

Outstanding blog, can't wait to see the rest of your posts here. Thanks.

It's interesting to see the content of Leo Castelli's notebook.
I guess I'm a nosy person. Bravo! Great article. The power of blogging is really changing the landscape of the world!

This is really interesting. I hope more will be restored and uncovered.

nice post sarah. love the original notebook photos - thanks

Thanks awsem

Thanks very interesting

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Fantastic blog post.. I never thought that you could show us the real notebook of Castelli's..Anyway where did you get that? One thing is i definitely love that first picture that you showed to your blog. That looks so amazing...

Thanks for your article. Good job !

The Leo Castelli Gallery continues to operate at 18 East 77th Street in New York under the direction of his last wife showing many of the same artists from the gallery's past.

I love your blog, so I've gone back. Pretty way back with this post, but you do have it in the menu so it sticks out :) Reading this and thinking how has web development changed over the years. All the stuff in this post still holds true, albeit that you posted this in 2005. You need to understand and want a web site for a reason. Some people just think they need it when they really may not.

Really looks like a nice gallery to store and place records, I think I like it, just on my point of view.

Excellent blog post. Where else could I find article written in such inciteful ways. I definitely love every bit fof it especially the points that you expresssed. And I would love to come back in a regular basis so I'm hoping to come back in a regular basis...

Wow that's nice thanks for sharing very informative topic.

This is very interest and useful. I like this post. Thanks

this article was thorough and very informative I really enjoyed it thanks for sharing I have always loved to learn about art and culture...

Thanks for the information, very cool idea, I will follow up.

the gallery records have to always be perform for the audience...maybe the can give some appreciate for Leo

Great post Sarah thanks again

awsome blog, thx for sharing the informations :) Keep it up

Thanks for sharing. Art and culture is a mental refreshment to our mind. So, we should all love it.

Love this article - great info, excellent pics. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Sarah good blog

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