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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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Nice post. Thanks. very exciting article and good guidelines. Keep posting.

Nice, Leo Castelli gallery, too bad I live far away and can't go see it.

Thanks Sarah, good blog to read about The Leo Castelli Gallery, the pictures i liked a lot.

This article was very useful to me, I will subscribe to your blog

Awesome Article, I found this blog today and its the best one!!! :)

Those who saw the collection of Casteeli's business ventures are fortune enough. The notebooks and the letters exchanged with the business partner will provide a treasure of information in successfully conducting a field one belongs to.

Thanks for a great article. I am just getting into art and culture I have learned a lot here.

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this article is amazing, im really thanks full for this.
blogging is the best invent in the human history.

Wow! Leo Castelli’s notebooks from 1974–1988 looks absolutely fascinating.

I got choked up just watching the preview for that movie. Looks great!

I would dying for an art. well i think everyone loves art. with your article i believe there will be more people to put more atention to an art. so i thank you for bringing such a great iea to talk about. just can't wait to read other articles from you.

Thanks Sarah, I found the exhibition guest book to be the most fascinating part, did you dig up any more interesting stuff?

I love Leo he is the original. I remember that David Geffen said that Leo was the Master! Thank you Leo and may you rest.

I go over your posts and the information found is really helpful. I'm so excited to go over the content which is really high quality. Quality subject to dwell upon. Keep it up!

It is so worth it go and see this exposition. My favorite artist is Jasper Johns his work is amazing

Loved this article! thanks for sharing

Leo Castelli's style is very unique and I really enjoyed reading this article. will bookmark your blog and come back later.

Wish I could visit the gallery. It looks amazing!

Really interesting article about art, has given me lots to think about. Thanks for posting. :)

thats great that its open for the researchers..thanks for sharing this news

Thank you very much for this work. This article will help me much because I'm doing work for college and it cost me good information and practical will find yourself on the subject in particular. I am very encintrando many interesting information on the site. Thank you for the link too.

Soon I will go to New York and I was pleased to meet this entry to know a little of what I see on this gallery. I am delighted to see these works. A hug.

It's awesome that researchers can have a closer look at Leo Castelli.

Good initiative to restore these documents.

Thanks for the review.


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