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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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This is the first I've ever seen of Lee Bontecou's work...so glad I ran across this blog. I love wall art (I'm an Atlanta picture framer) with depth, turning 2 dimensions into 3 through various means...illusion, geometry, shadowboxing, etc...

Glad also to see the note about Castelli's archives being donated to the Smithsonian. I lived outside of DC for several years as a kid, and the Smithsonian was one of the great eye-opening experiences of my childhood (the Hirschorn, the King Tut Exhibit in 1976, etc).

You never know what nuggets you might find in someone's blog. Thanks a lot.


I'm also new to the blog, I was impressed photography where the works appear in three dimensions. I have read other articles and think it's a very interesting blog, I will from now on. Thanks for sharing!

wow! It's so awesome to see his diary. I think this is a great opportunity to "come closer" to his works.

Making available the gallery records is good move. It will help the researches to bring out more truths and to find out ways to develop contemporary arts. The letters from Leo Castelli’s first wife and business partner will be of more interesting to the researchers.

excellent post thanks for the info

bet it feels good that Castelli's finally all finished. I miss you!

Thank's Very much sarah

I like this article, thank's

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