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Monday, January 31, 2011


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Great post! I had no idea the Archives of American Art had so much on international royals. My favorite royal was always Prince William. He and Kate make such a cute couple. Thanks for sharing this!

Cheers to the happy couple! I'll be toasting as well!

The photo of Jackie Kennedy is great. She is not as interesting as the group of men staring down upon her.

I love Princess Diana and I just hope that Prince William's marriage with Kate lasts for a lifetime. That'll make her mom really happy and proud.

My favorite royalty of all times is definitely Napoleon and Josephine. Although, not royalty by blood, theirs is a facilitating story. I always admired self-made kings and emperors, or other great leaders, who came from nowhere and conquered the world. Napoleon gave Josephine a medallion for their wedding on which he inscribed the words "To Destiny" - and what a destiny they both had!

Living in Britain its a big thing this wedding. We all get a day off to celebrate and its a national holiday, Now everyone is trying to get married on the same day to make the event even more special. I wish them all the happiness for the future

Really interesting post, I also live in Britain and it seems there is a split, those who are excited and planning street parties or those who are completely indifferent to all the fuss!!!
I am looking forward to watching it I remember Charles and Diana's wedding when I was my daughters age so it will be interesting to see how interested she is!!! Iam married to an Irish man who couldn't care less!!

It is lovely for the couple and we will watch the ceremony wish them all the best!

I remember when I was a kid, the street parties for Charles and Di... even up in Scotland! It was a magical time when everyone really got caught up in the fairytale. I think we're all a bit more realistic now, but it's no less special.

Oh royalty, I don't know what's up with people, but it seems they always want somebody to dominate them. And that's the fact, otherwise kings and queens would be long forgotten.

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