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Friday, January 21, 2011


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very good post but I stumbled upon this article quite by accident

Thank you for sharing this about Garnett McCoy with us, i dindt know much about Garnett McCoy as i know now

wow what a picture i like yar
vey nice this blog .thanks for shearing

Garnett McCoy was indeed a man of substance and I was blessed to have read several of his magazines. Now I wish I had done more than browse, rest well Garnett.

I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

Regards, Lorie Garcia

nice tribute article on Garnett, thanks for sharing his history and acknowledgments...

Mr. McCoy was clearly a remarkable man. I stumbled upon this article quite by accident, but was pleased to learn more about him.

You wrote an excellent tribute to Mr. McCoy. Incidentally, he's compiled a very nice book, "Archives of American Art: A Directory of Resources," which is a good reference. Thanks also for the great images, which were so descriptive of the man.

very nice article and instructive knowledge on Garnett. Thank you very much

It's always great to find interesting blogs with engaging content like yours. Thanks.

A great man, worth learning from.

I did not know about Garnett McCoy before but your posting showed me what a great person he actually was!

I didn't know about Garnett McCoy after reading this blog I have come to know that he was really very good person. It engenders a feeling of fond nostalgia for, perhaps, more genteel times and life....though I'm happy not to have to use the old typewriters!


wow...the snapshots are real good..!!

Yes, a great contribution to American Art from a tireless worker but can't imagine how it would be to spend most of ones life working in the past.

Greate post! i really enjoyed it!

Greatings from Spain

Nice blog, Thank you very much for sharing

You will be missed, but your great contributions will live on....

Nice description of him. I like the part that says he liked swimming and he always wore hat and suit. Rest in peace.

He is a great man, R.I.P. Sir!

May the Good Lord bless and keep you Sir Garnett McCoy! Rest in Peace. Amen!

Great Post... any type of commemorative post in memory of another is always a good read and welcome in my books.

I have not heard of him...now I know. Very inspirational. You write very well and explain things very good. Thanks so much!


Thanks alot. Useful post.

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