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Thursday, February 10, 2011


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Haha, I like the parachute war bonds picture.

About the subject, I think I'm in between both camps, it's a nice idea but somewhat over-commercialized...

I think Valentine's was certainly fun for everyone in teenage years and 20s, as love was all new. Now, it's a little bit like other holidays, but I find the Valentine's note from 1907 intriguing - like peering into someone's diary of events!

Hey it just happens once in a year! it won't hurt if you just give it a try! Give love and be loved in return!

I've never been a big fan of Vday - nice to see some good artists express my feelings of disdain too. I love the <3 war bonds series.

I like andrew darsburg letter with the yes & no, so cute :)

They give me some more ideas on what to do for the next valentine ;)

As many other holidays, St. Valentines is used by the consumerist system we live in. It would be good reading again: To have or to be- E.Fromm. A classic that has a lot to do with these paintings!

It may have become commercialised but as my husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day, I can't let it go without a little schmaltz.

beautiful post! it might be a little plastic but I like Valentine's day.

Valentine doesn't seem to really consume me that much but i like the cards! Schmalentine is a new outlook to Valentine-something different

Yes, you're definitely right. We need to be different not just the usual boring Valentine's day stuff. Great alternative.

I broke out in a big smile over the hearts parachuting into enemy territory in the war bonds painting.

And another one when I saw the love "certificate" for passage in Iberian Air. Reminds me of a "coupon book" I made for a sweetheart in days gone by...I can't remember if she redeemed all of them...there may be one or two left!

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