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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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Dorothy Canning Miller is one of my admired women of all times. Its great to know that she is also an advisor to private, corporate, and municipal collectors.

Dorothy Millers work in the growth ans preservation of modern art is priceless. Art is history and we must preserve history for our future.

Art and history are part of who we are, we can not forget where we came to know our identity .....

Art its a magic, give us dream and peace

Wow, it's amazing to know facts like these about Dorothy. She is one woman who has always been admired for her works.

It's great to recognize ourselves when we recognize the art and culture in our midst.

Dorothy is a great artist and a very humble woman.. I like her so much..

Miller's greatest contribution was her series of exhibitions called the "Americans" held at MoMA from 1942 to 1963. Spanning several generations, these exhibitions introduced artists who were not well known to a skeptical and doubting public. The reviews of her exhibitions were almost uniformly negative and yet most of the artists she showed went on to important and influential careers.
Her work as an art advisor evolved into a full time profession after she retired from MoMA in 1969.

a very good article, so my inspiration in my life

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