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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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This is cool! Nice to remember they were "just people" like the rest of us. I really like the one of Jackson Pollock with his dogs :)

Often we only get access to these photos well after they were taken. The relationship of people to their camera differs significantly over time and I expect that this can play a part in how they are different too.

I definitely consider the above photos to have more creative merit (composition, angles/diagonals, social documentary) than most "throw away" shots I see from the normal person now that could be who they are or simply that "throw away" photos then were less throw away and more expensive than now.

Picture of a past

This is a really interesting collection of snapshots. Looking into the lives of others is sometimes fascinating. I like the polaroid of the woman looking at polaroids.

Your writing skills are impressive and your posts always interesting. Great work.

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