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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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Talking about Whisker Wars, I love this show. I can’t believe there are a lot of people who can actually grew their moustache and beard that long. Why can’t I do that?

Ha! I didn't know about the World Beard & Mustache Championships! Now I do!
As someone who has to shave every day for work, I simply hate the process. I envy the guy on the photograph here for his ability to grow those sideburns and still be considered stylish and normal. I do that, and I will be totally misunderstood by my friends. The best I can do is to refuse to shave during the weekend! Thanks for the fascinating post!

thanks for the article and photos. There are ways and ways to bring the beard, some people are fine with it and others do not. It is part of the personality.

Sideburns are so rare these days. Pity

Thanks a lot for sharing a very nice wording with us! Please keep it up.

Hey ! that's a rare pic with different beard.Thank u for sharing the pic

Neat photographs to go along with the cool facial hair. Too bad people are so judgemental and we have to refrain from the fun of creating different styles like they did.

I believe the camera used dates back to around the Cival War and is called a Twin Lens Reflex Camera. You could make some outstanding photographs that are so clear. They are still being made and used today.

Good stuff!!

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