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Monday, December 19, 2011


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Great post!

this is a very interesting post!

LOL @ Picasso’s Prude Period... ;)

btw my Art History class was never stuffy. Had an awesome teacher by the name of Yates Evans.

I love the Italian Renaissance. Great post and some nicely chosen examples.

Nice blog, i love this article and image, happy holiday

Artwork created by ancient artists was mind blowing and we cant find the similar skillful artwork now days, it is quite difficult to match with the famous artists, because they put their life on hold just for art and culture.

Art is one of that thing which bring light in my soul..Thanks for these awesome pictures!

Interesting to see the different cultural and generational influences in each painting. The abstract concepts are certainly thought provoking!

I've always had a difficult time accepting abstract art. I don't get it, I guess. Always preferred the type of art where the painter would create an image as realistic as possible, preferrably without being actually realistic.

I am great art lover and I really enjoyed your post. Thank you for making my day a little bit better!

Good info. I will keep on coming back to read such high quality posts. Thanks!

Such a post is what I've been looking for as you
have detailed the necessary information on the topic.

I am art lover so A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires. Thanks for sharing a good post on artwork and I hope you will share more.

There is something inspiring about this blog. i just love the pictures-i would say it is more than illbieusions of art

thank you for information.

Good essay on art history.

I have enjoyed this article. Your writer has piqued my interest and given me plenty to think about from the alternative views that were presented.

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