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Monday, March 19, 2012


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Interesting to read about her.. Nice work..
Keep going..

Thank you for sharing Mary Fanton Roberts! I am very interested in the decorative arts, and this is fascinating.

I stumbled across this post thanks to the poster of Isadora Duncan's pupils. I think the school I attended (fifty-odd years ago) must've been a bit strange, because instead of gym, we had an hour of wafting around in olive green chitons (I think that was the word), "expressing" trees etc a la Isadora. So I feel a bit like one of Isadora's pupils myself!

Very interesting blog, thanks for showing the world information about Mary Fanton Roberts, I had never heard about it, but I liked! I will continue investigating thank you!
Thank you!

M. F. Roberts was m subject thesis in the art school of Tours (France) more than twenty years ago. I forgot how inspiring her work is to me. Thank you.

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