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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Thank you for your blog about my late uncle. My aunt Gerry, still living on Kauai,a noted published botanical illustrator who also taught at the Brooklyn Art School, will be happy to know that her donation of his papers, sketchbooks and miscellany to the American Art Archives, are still receiving interest in today's world of Facebook/Twitter. My uncle taught many students, and left life-long influences on many-Murray Tinkelman & Lorraine Fox, just as random examples.

"The Shores of Light" is a great paint-
you can visit in Smithsonian

Great art, Especially the Main landscape. Just perfect!
Greets from the Netherlands

What a great artist! Your uncle had contributed so much in your society and his family should be really so proud of him. Very nice art. :)

Nice Blog! Thanks for sharing it.

Wow, awesome blog, great story! thanks for sharing this blog.. keep it up!

I remember reading a quote that a live that isn't recorded, is one that isn't lived. Tam obviously recorded his life and now look at how we perceive him - a great man.


This is very good amazing job guys!

What an inspiring story your not the only one he inspires you but all of us here based on your post inspired by him. You must really proud to your uncle.

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