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Monday, May 07, 2012


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I do totally agree that feelings, emotions, and wit can come across with the stroke of a pen. I studied the connection between depression and writing and the results are in line with your article!
Keep up the good work,


I have seen some very impressive signatures and wonder if they are natural or how much effort was put into learning how to write that way. The one from Grosz is amazing. Anyway, thanks for sharing and reviewing such a nice sampling.

These documents are gems. There is so much to say about people's emotions not only by the way they write, but on what they write as well. Not only the content, but the date and the place they were written are contributing factors in the result.

These letters are fixed images of the specific personalities of people at that time in that place.

Good read. Liked it very much.



Thanxs for sharing with all of us the Incredible post on ur blog . Its really illusive...

Thank you so much for this very enjoyable read. It's very interesting!

Very nice Post

Handwriting is so fascinating. I work online, and that first Maxwell Parrish letter would make a great font! You've inspired me to dig out an old scrapbook I made in high school, it would be interesting to look back and see my own script then- and now. And perhaps I will work a little more creativity into my signature, too!

This is amazing to find such precious article.

Style and Sass... love these documents... thanks for posting these.

"One of the best ways to liven up a boring letter is with a non–boring signature" Yes very attractive handwriting and a signature creation more interesting

Thank you so much for sharing this - the documents really are gems as a previous comment has mentioned!

Thank you very much for the amazing blog post.

Precious article. Good read and very nice post.

A love letter is accompanied by a kiss. great.
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What really fascinates me is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writings and inscriptions over the walls of the the temples. I had a chance of seeing Egyptian Medical Hieratic Papyrus the way they used to write and their uniqueness of writing explains why they had such outstanding civilization that amazed the whole world for thousands of years.

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